Welcome to Ten Mile Farm and Market’s Blog

If you like farming, growing plants, raising animals, working out of doors, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is the hub of most of what goes on here at Ten Mile Farm. Explore the tabs and come back often. There are four primary operations going on here. We raise and sell Katahdin sheep, we keep a flock of laying hens, we breed and sell rabbits, and we grow a variety of vegetables in our unique vertical garden.

We are constantly working on projects to improve our productivity and the quality of our animals, as well as the quality and variety of our produce. You can keep up with us here.

We are a market as well and we do accept SNAP cards for produce and plants, as well as meat and eggs.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ten Mile Farm and Market’s Blog”

    1. Steve, you can purchase lamb cuts from Hillcrest Artesian Market in Little Rock, Butcher and Public in North Little Rock, or directly from us here. All cuts are USDA inspected.

      Alternatively if you need more meat you can purchase a whole animal (live) directly from the farm. In that case, it will be up to you if you want to process the animal yourself, or have us deliver it to the processor of your choice.

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