Barred Rock Hens are sweet

One of our Barred Rock Hens

These girls come running every time they see me. Now I have no delusions that it is for any reason other than they know me as the guy who carries corn, but still it is a great way to be greeted every time I go outside.

One of the fun things to do on the farm is the daily egg hunt. Generally the Barred Rock Hens lay in the nest boxes. Occasionally one will find a new location, such as on top of a bail of straw. I know how many eggs to expect, so when I come up short I start searching. Of course sometimes we lose an egg or two to king snakes, but that is a small price to pay for the protection they provide.

Barred Rock Hen Eggs
Barred Rock Hen Egg Hunt

The Barred Rock hens are sweet chickens who love to be held. They are gently birds and make the nicest sounds. If you want a small flock of laying hens, I recommend the Barred Rock. They lay medium sized brown eggs and they lay a lot of them. You can pretty much count on 5 eggs a week per bird if they are well cared for.

This Barred Rock hen was curious about what I was doing. As I took the video of her grazing, she came right up to the camera.

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