Fun on the Farm

Fun on the Farm

There are so many things to do that are fun on the farm. The kids love to play on the giant hay rolls. Sometimes they climb on them to play king of the hill, other times to get a different view of the world.

I asked my daughter what things she thought were the most fun on the farm to do. Some of her answers surprised me.

  1. Run around and play in the hay bails
Girls Hay Rolls and a Champion
I won – I can see my house from here

2. Wading around the shore of the pond

Katahdin sheep
Fishing with Friends

3. Exploring the creek

4. Playing with and caring for the animals

5. Working in my workshop

Playing on hay bails made number one – probably because that is what she was doing when I called her in for dinner. She does love to fish in the pond and I think she likes searching for and capturing bait worms almost as much.

As a parent, the creek thing is a little unnerving. But I know I did much more unnerving things when I was her age. The creek runs West to East through the Northern section of the farm. It is completely in the woods – out of sight out of mind.

Her “workshop” is an area she set up in the barn. I’ll have to post a picture of that soon. It is a neat place.

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