How to Make a 5 Gallon Poultry Waterer

How to Make a 5 Gallon Poultry Waterer


I thought I would provide some more details on how to make a 5 gallon poultry waterer like the one I showed in my Tips for Raising Chickens post.

To make the 5 gallon poultry waterer you will need:

  • 5 Gallon food grade bucket with lid
  • 4 Water Nipples
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Crescent Wrench
  • 10mm threading bolt

You can get the 5 gallon bucket with lid from Lowes. you might be able to get one free from a local restaurant if you ask nicely. The water nipples are really inexpensive, I got mine from Amazon for about $5 for ten of them. Here’s the link Topicker Brand New Poultry Water Nipples 10 Pcs+ 1 Threaded bolt. Sanitary Water for up to 30 Chickens, Turkeys, Geese or Ducks. The reason I chose this vendor is because it included the 10mm bolt and with Amazon prime, shipping was free. You might be able to find these parts at Tractor Supply or other feed stores in your area.

Here is a video of my chickens enjoying the fresh clean water provided by this 5 gallon poultry waterer. This really is the best way to water your flock.

This really is easy to make. If you don’t have the tools, or are just not inclined to make your own, you can buy a completely assembled 5 gallon poultry waterer for about $40

5 gallon water
Ready Made 5 Gallon Waterer

This is about the same or less than you would pay for a 5 gallon watering container of the traditional style. As I mentioned in my other post, those just don’t keep the water clean and they are a pain to refill. I think you and your chickens will be much happier with this style watering system. Especially if you live in an area where it freezes. Traditional watering systems are difficult to keep from freezing. This system, on the other hand, can be protected with a simple aquarium heater.


If you decide to make one of these or buy one, let me know what you think about it.

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