Muscovy Ducks Grazing

Muscovy Ducks Grazing

Just a quick update on the ducks. They seem to have discovered that the grass is indeed greener on the other side of the fence. In this video they are grazing in the front yard while one of our adopted stray dogs watches.

The front yard is not the safest place for these muscovy ducks grazing. Although we live in the country there are occasionally dogs roaming around. fortunately our adopted stray “Snowy” is not interested in the ducks and will keep any other creatures – including people – from being a danger.

I kind of like having the ducks in the front yard when I come home from an errand. I do get concerned when they are waddling across the street, but so far we’ve been lucky enough not to lose any. The only other negative about them being in the front yard is that they really like to sit up on the porch. Ducks have no sphincter control. Needless to say, we have to hose off the front porch often,

Muscovy Ducks grazing
Begging for food

Muscovy ducks graze gently unlike chickens. The ducks are less destructive to the ground the graze. You’ll notice in the video that they just seem to scoop their bill low and grab what they want with their tongue. There is very little disruption to the ground itself.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, they have no sphincter control. So, they fertilize as they dine one grass. Their exhaust, for lack of a polite term, is pretty much liquid and dissipates into the lawn quickly. Because of that, there is no concern about yucking up shoes or bare feet.

One of the best things about having the ducks around, beside their fun personality, is the fact that they also eat mosquitos, slugs, and flies. And I can tell you, anything that eats flies and mosquitos is welcome at our farm!

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Muscovy Ducks Grazing
Muscovy Ducks GrazingMuscovy Ducks grazing on grass
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