Life Changing Food Documentaries

Life-Changing Food Documentaries

I was reflecting on some of the things I’ve experienced in my life that made me want to raise, grow, and produce my own food. One of those things has been the impact of a few life changing food documentaries.

I will caution you that watching some of these films can be disturbing. Disturbing in the sense that the knowledge they may impart to you will likely make you uncomfortable with the food choices you are currently making. I share these because I think it is important that we all understand the links between what we eat and how fulfilling our lives are. The food we eat can literally make the difference between a happy healthy productive life and a life of illness, misery, and often one that is cut short.

If you want to stay in the dark about what you are eating and how it is affecting your life go here. If, on the other hand, you are interested in change…well these films are not only entertaining, they are also full of motivation that may get you to look at food with clear vision.

Many of these films you can watch free on Amazon Prime. I’m sure they are available at your local library too. I have provided links to places you can purchase them also. These are not presented in any particular order, just the order they came to mind as I write this post.

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King Corn

The first film to come to mind is the first food documentary I recall watching. It is called King Corn. King Corn is an entertaining film that delivers a lot of information. The film follows two friends as they plant, harvest, and sell an acre of corn. Some of the topics covered include the impact of conventional agriculture, the disappearance of family farms, the many uses of corn and corn byproducts, and the impact of subsidies on the economy of farming. This film is a great starting point for people just learning about the current state of the food system.

Food Documentaries
Food Inc.

Another good documentary is Food Inc. is a great follow-on to king Corn because the world’s food chain is built mainly on heavily subsidized and, therefore, cheap corn. In fact, as you will learn in King Corn, almost everyone is consuming corn all day long from bread over meat (all animals are fed with corn) to deserts and drinks. This film highlights the disastrous effects of intensive factory farming on animals, as well as the health and environmental risks they pose to consumers of their products.

Food Documentaries
Food Matters

Food Matters was one of the most informative documentaries that I have ever watched. Everything I saw shocked me in a good way and sparked a change in my lifestyle. Everyone who has health issues should watch this, and get educated about nutrition. It makes a big difference. Simple dietary changes can have a profound impact in your life and wellbeing. Take a look for yourself.

Food Documentaries
Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change is another good one to watch. By now you have the idea of what is wrong with our current system of food production and distribution. This documentary delves into the science behind making food irresistable. That famous Lay’s potato chip slogan “You can’t only eat one” is applied to foods across the board from boneless chicken wings to chocolate chip cookies. Scientist and food researchers spend millions designing foods that you can’t resist. As a good friend of mine likes to say “One is too many, and one thousand is not enough.”

Food Documentaries

Ingrediants is the last one I’ll comment on here. This film is more positive, as it focuses on the solutions to the above identified problems. Watch this one to feel better and learn how you can make better food purchasing decisions.



If you still have time to watch a few here are some old favorites

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