Lamb Update

Lamb Update

I took a break from prepping the garden yesterday to take some pictures of the Lambs. They have adapted quite well to being away from their mothers. I tried to get a picture of the Ram with all of his offspring, but they were a bit scattered. Here’s what I got.

Katahdin LambHe really doesn’t seem to mind having all the company of the lambs in his pasture. These lambs will spend the next three weeks with Andy (that’s the Ram’s name) and then I’ll separate the boys from the girls and move the girls to another pasture.

Katahdin Lamb
Andy – the Ram

The lambs are a lot of fun to watch. They are very playful, not unlike children. Yesterday they were playing king of the hill on one of the old hay bales.

Before they started climbing on the hay bale, the lambs were happily grazing the pasture. The 13 lambs will keep this field nice and short and they will fertilize it at the same time.

These lambs are growing like crazy. That is the result of good genetics and plenty of fresh green grass. In fact, these lambs have so much green grass I have not been able to get them to come to me for cracked corn yet. The Ram runs to me when he sees me because he’s already been conditioned to at least get rubbed behind his ears – something he really enjoys. I need to get these lambs hooked on the cracked corn so they will be easier to manage.

Sheep don’t need a lot of immunizations, but they do require one. Covexin 8 protects sheep from eight clostridial diseases. It is administered twice initially and then annually. No big deal to give if the sheep come to you, not so easy if you have to round them up. So, I have a week to get the little ones more comfortable around me. Guess I need to spend some time in the fields.

I’ll sit out in a lawn chair with my  kindle and get caught up on some reading 🙂

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