Calling the Lambs

Calling the Lambs

It is always easier to have animals that will come to you when you call them. Have you ever seen a neighbor chasing their dog? I have. Well, trying to catch sheep is even tougher than trying to catch a dog. Dogs and sheep are both trainable though. This video is what it looks like once you have your sheep trained to come when they see you.

Last week, these same lambs completely ignored me – or worse – ran away when I approached them. That would make giving them their annual boosters nearly impossible, let alone try loading them on the trailer.

Calling the lambs
Andy, the Ram

After a few more days of this, the lambs will be waiting for me at the trough just like Andy does. Sheep love routines and by feeding them at the same time each day, I have established a routine for them. At the same time, I have trained them to associate me with food and they will come whenever they see me.

Here’s anoher lamb video – although this one isn’t one of mine.

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