5 to 10 Times the Food

Five to Ten Times the Food

Is it really possible to grow five to ten times from the same space? Well, that is exactly what we’re doing this year at the Ten Mile Farm. Compared to last year’s garden, this year’s is going to produce much more food.

We harvested plenty of food from the garden last year but after converting to the Mittleider Gardening Method I have been able to plant three times as many transplants as we started with last year. The garden is in the same exact location and takes up exactly the same amount of space, yet it will yield many times the produce.

Three of the reasons our garden will be so much more productive this year are spacing, watering, and feeding.


Mittleider Garden Preparation
42 inches between rows

With the Mittleider Gardening Method, allows us to use narrower spacing between plants while giving us more room to work in the garden. We train  our plants to grow vertically for maximum  light and t o conserve water, nutrients and  space.


5 to 10x the food
Precision Watering is Key

The watering system is more efficient than the soaker hose we used last year and effectively waters the garden in just a few minutes each day. Because we only Irrigate only the root zones, we conserve water and minimize the growth of weeds. With our level beds, water and nutrients are distributed easily   and evenly.


Finally, we have a custom fertilizer that we will feed our plants. Many nutrients found in the soil are unavailable to the plant.
Although soil conditioning is good, accurate placement of properly balanced mineral fertilizers is more efficient.

fertilizerMost commercial fertilizers need fall short in this area. In fact, most contain only three of the sixteen nutrients plants need. In order to balance them, we need to add secondary and micro-nutrients.



There are sixteen nutrients that plants need to survive and thrive in any environment. I’ve written a report with a complete list of the sixteen nutrients and you can download that here.

Click Here to download the special report

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