The New Hens are Laying Eggs

Eggs, Glorious Eggs

Today, as I was refilling the chicken’s feed, I noticed six brown eggs in their laying box. I really didn’t expect to see eggs from these new hens for another two or three weeks. This is good news for us and anyone locally who is looking for farm fresh eggs from pasture raised chickens.

These eggs are a bit on the small size, but I expect the girls will be laying large brown eggs by the middle of next month.

Notice the difference in the size of these two eggs. The smaller one, I gathered today from the new girls and it weighs 1.5 ounces. The larger one is from my older flock and it weighed in at 2.4 ounces. But as you can see, they both look amazing inside and out 🙂

Breaking News

In case you are one of those people who things they shouldn’t eat eggs….well, here’s an interesting article for you to read. Published today in the UK Daily Mail eggs-won-t-killTake a minute to read that article when you have a few minutes. The jist of it is that the U.S. government has finally admitted that eating foods with lots of cholesterol – like eggs – does not have an adverse affect on the health of the people who eat them. In other words, dietary cholesterol has does affect levels of cholesterol in the blood.

So, now that you know that…order up a dozen or two enjoy one of nature’s most perfect sources of complete protein. If you live locally and want to start getting eggs from the Ten Mile Farm, we should be ready to start delivering middle of next month. Use the contact us form to shoot me an email before we sell out.

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