Easy Vegetables to Grow

Pole Beans, Tomatoes, and Squash are Easy Vegetables to Grow

It seems that every time I walk into the garden (which is every day), the plants have grown and there is new fruit to pick. Yesterday I was pruning and treating for an aphid invasion. I gather two gorgeous yellow squash. I’ll eat those tonight with the giant zucchini I picked late last week. I’ve already harvested 5 lbs of cucumbers and I’m starting to think that maybe I planted too many of those.

Easy Vegetables to Grow
Cucumber Vines

Tomatoes are easy vegetables to grow in the garden. My tomatoes are coming along very nicely. Have the precise nutrients they love and a consistent water source certainly helps.

Easy Vegetables to Grow
Cherry Tomatoes

There are several blossoms on the cherry tomato plants and a few fruit developing.The big beef tomatoes are further along, with several fruit and tons of blossoms. I fertilize the garden once per week with weekly feed and the watering system provides water directly to the root zone.

Easy Vegetables to Grow
Yellow Squash

I saw a nice big bee in the garden yesterday doing its job pollinating zucchini and squash flowers. The powder you see on the leaves of all these plants is diatomaceous earth. That’s is what I treated them with for the aphids.


Easy Vegetables to Grow
Pole beans

The pole beans have grown all the way to the top of the T-posts and are starting to grow along the top. There are several pods developing along the vines too. I’m certain this will be a bumper crop.

Easy Vegetables to Grow




Take a look at these eggplants. Yum. two weeks ago they had aphids attacking them. I treated them with a dusting of Diatomaceous Earth and the aphids disappeared over night.

I can hardly wait to make some Eggplant Parmesan. Here’s the recipe I’ll follow as soon as these fruits are ripe.

easy vegetables to grow
Eggplant Parmesan

Get the Recipe here

If you are looking for easy vegetables to grow I would suggest that you consider selected vegetables that you like to eat and grow them using the Mittleider Gardening Method. You see, the gardening method is at least as (if not more) important than the variety of vegetables you decide to grow.If you want to try

The Mittleider Gardening Method ensures that whatever you plant will receive the nutrients it needs to thrive in any environment and any climate.

If you want to try The Mittleider Gardening Method for yourself, you can find lots of info at the links below. There are also links there with free plans to build  your own greenhouse, and a free gardening journal to download available here. If you have any questions, I will do my best to help.

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