Garden to Table

From the Garden to Table

garden to table
Eggplant ready to harvest

This morning as I was walking through the garden I gathered a few more cucumbers and harvested the three eggplant fruit that looked so good I could smell the eggplant parm. Garden to table is the plan.



The Ram is currently grazing in the paddock next to the garden. He likes to watch me work – probably wishes he could knock me over when I’m not looking.



These three weighed in at just over 2lbs. Perfect for making a nice eggplant parm for dinner. Here’s the recipe

Garden to Table
Nice bounty

The cucumbers are the perfect size for the next batch of pickles too.

Garden to Table

Soon to be Pickled


The three of them weighed in at just over a pound. Combined with yesterday’s harvest that puts me more than half way towards the 4 pounds I like to work with when making pickles.

So far I’ve pulled more than 20 pounds of fresh vegetables from the garden to table this week. Good thing I like veggies!


The garden is looking pretty good overall. I’m excited to see what kind of sweet potato harvest we get. And the pole beans still do not have any beans ready to pick. I suspect the next few weeks will be providing an abundance of fresh vegetables straight from the gaden to table!

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