Mittleider Garden Watering System Update

Watering System Modification


I have found that the water pressure to my garden is not sufficient to properly feed the plants. Watering 1 30-foot row at a time resulted in more of a drip irrigation than the intended directional spray.

watering system
Working like a champ

When operating properly, the Mittleider Gardening watering system sprays water directly at the root zone of each plant. Having the three holes drilled in 4-inch intervals ensures that regardless of your plant spacing, each plant will receive an accurate and plentiful amount of water each time you turn the watering system on.

The problem I found is that with a low water pressure, there is not enough force to make the water spray out all three holes for 30 feet. Even though the holes are quite small (made with the #57 drill bit) all I could manage was a drip.

mittleider gardening
Drilling Holes

Today, I modified the system by cutting each 30-foot row in half and capping the new cut. Then I added a ball valve at far end of each row and ran a new watering line to that end. The result is that I now have six 15-foot watering lines rather than three 30- foot lines. Each line has a shut-off valve allowing me to water one section at a time.

Watering System
Shut Off Valve


The difference is amazing.

Watering System
New Water Line

I may sound like it would take twice as long to water this way. However, it actually takes less time now. There is a beautiful stream of water shooting out each of the three holes directly at the plant roots. It takes about 45 seconds per section now rather than several minutes per row.

While I have enjoyed pretty good production from the garden so far, I expect this correction will result in increased bounty in the days and weeks to come.

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