Katahdin Dorper Mix

Katahdin Dorper Mix at Ten Mile Farm


Why a Katahdin Dorper Mix? I’ll get to that in a few paragraphs. But first, let me tell you about the Dorpers. Today starts a new chapter in the lamb production business of the Ten Mile Farm. I traveled to Siloam Springs today and picked up four Dorper ewes. Three of them are Fall ewes and one of them is a pregnant 3-year old.

These girls will form the foundation of our Katahdin Dorper mixed lambs. Our Katahdin Ram will breed with these girls in November or December depending on how mild the winter is. The first lambs will be born in the Spring of 2017.


Dorper Ewes to breed for Katahdin Dorper mix
Dorper Ewes

I purchased these girls from Coyote Creek Farms. At Coyote Creek Farms they raise pure-bred White Dorpers for show. These girls are premium stock and when combined with my prized Ram, will produce the best of both worlds. The three smaller ones were born in October, November, and December. The larger ewe is three year’s old and she is currently pregnant with another Dorper.

The plan is to have five Dorper ewes as the foundation of our flock. If the lambs they produce do as well as expected, we will add more breeding stock next year.

Dorper Ewes to breed for Katahdin Dorper mix
Loving the New Home

Katahdins and Dopers are both hair sheep. Meaning that they do not require shearing. They grow a thick coat of hair in the winter months and shed it in warmer weather. Katahdins are best known for their resistance to illness and the wonderful meat they produce. Dorpers are best known for their ability to pack on a lot of muscle in a very short time.

Katahdin Ram to breed for Katahdin Dorper mix
Our Prized Katahdin Ram, Andy

The ability of the Dorper breed to put grass into weight gain is remarkable. The goal of this Katahdin Dorper mix is to increase the butchered yield of our lambs. On average our Katahdins produce 48lbs of saleable product. We expect the Katahdin Dorper mix to increase the yield to 60lbs per lamb.

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