Start Planning a Garden for 2017

Now is a good time to start planning a Garden for 2017. I’ve written about planning a garden before, click here to read that article. This year, I will journal the creation of a new garden from scratch. I recently bought a house in New Mexico and am starting a new backyard garden this year.

In comparison to my main garden, this one will be smaller and a lot easier to get started. It may also be something you could copy in your own yard.

The First Task in Planning a Garden

The first task in planning a garden is deciding what you want to grow. The second task is to find a good location. According to the Mittleider Gardening Method, the ideal location should:
•Be a sunny location, one that gets full sunlight from at least mid-morning throughout the afternoon.
•Stay away from low spots where drainage is poor. Plant side for lack of oxygen where standing water accumulates.
•Avoid large trees and tall hedges, unless they are north of the grow-bed area. Crops growing in shade or shadows do poorly.
•Make sure water is available close by

Here is a picture of the area that I will place the garden. Both of these areas have a southern exposure most of the day, good drainage and are near a water faucet.

Garden Spot 1

There will be three beds in the first area. Two will be 10 feet long and 18 inches wide oriented left to right. The first one will be 5 feet from the fence and will be for vertical growing – three varieties of tomatoes and pickle size cucumber. The next bed will be 3.5 feet from the first and will grow bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash. The third bed will be a 4×4 square for sweet potatoes.

In this second area, next to the fence, I will grow my winter squash – butternut, spaghetti, and acorn.

Garden Spot 2

There are a couple of other areas in the yard conducive to good growing. If I develop them, I’ll do some before during and after pictures of those areas as well.

What’s Next?

In late February I will start the seeds 🙂 After that, I will build the grow boxes and the watering system. In the meantime, if you have any questions about planning your garden, drop me line and I’ll help you out. Better yet pick up a copy of the Mittleider Gardening Course and get started on the road to growing your own delicious vegetables.

You will also want to visit the article I wrote about starting seeds indoors. You can get that article here.

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