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Blooms Galore

Blooms Galore

It’s blooms galore at the Ten Mile Farm. Everything is blooming around here, I just wanted to share a few pictures from around the farm. Peach tree, apple tree, ¬†and magnolia are all in full bloom.

Peach Tree

This peach tree is a volunteer tree. I started growing about six years ago. I had no idea what it was, but I liked it. Then about two years go it was covered in these pink blossoms which turned to walnut sized fruit. The squirrels ate most of them before they got very big. I took a couple to the county extension office and they identified them as peaches. Last year I fertilized the tree with the Mittleider formula and we were blessed with good sized fruit. The addition of a front yard dog kept the squirrels away too. We’re looking forward to a nice harvest this year.

Apple Tree

The apple tree was planted a good five years ago. I bought it as a small stick from one of those mail-order places. It struggled the first couple of years and then last year it gave us a nice bounty of mixed fruits. It is a grafted tree that has red, yellow, and green apples growing on it. That’s why I haven’t pruned it. I have no idea which branches are what. Silly me.

Magnolia Tree

Along with the blossoms come the bees, So nice to see bunches of bees busy at work. I think pollinating the garden  this year will be no problem.

Lots of bulbs are coming up too. I think these are all variations of Daffodils, correct me if I am wrong.

It’s still too early to plant the seedlings in the garden (we’re expecting some cold weather this weekend). But the trees have been loving this warm weather. Yesterday it was 72 and so nice I had to take time for a quick ride on the motorcycle. So nice ride without three layers!

Early Spring is a favorite time for me. It really is perfect until the pollen takes over. Then it’s bearable. I do love the warm days and cool nights though. Perfect for sitting by the fire pit with a tastey beverage.