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Dorper Lamb

Our first Dorper Lamb was born today

If you recall, last month I purchased four Dorper ewes to breed with our Katahdin Ram. One of those ewes was pregnant when I bought her. Today she delivered her dorper lamb.

White Dorper Lamb
Dorper Lamb

Mom and baby are healthy and doing well. We will keep her in this contained area for a couple of days to make sure they are strong enough to join the rest of the flock. The boy is a bit on the small side, but he is healthy and mom is taking good care of him.

White Dorper Lamb
Dorper Lamb and Mom

This birth wraps up the 2016 season with 16 lambs born. We will have these available for sale in the Fall. Most of the Katahdin lambs will be weened from their mammas in the next two weeks. This little boy will stay with mom until the middle of August.

The long-term goal is to sell off all the Katahdins except Andy, our RAM. We will rebuild the flock with a mix of Katahdin and Dorpers starting next Spring. If you’re curious about that plan, you can read more about it here. 

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