Hiking The Lincoln National Forest

Hiking the Lincoln National Forest can be an exhilarating experience. Today I took the Big Bonita Trail to the Aspen Trail. That gave me a 2300 vertical climb in about 4 miles. The first mile was pretty level, so all the climbing was over the next three. The highest elevation was just over 10,000 feet. Between the vertical climb and the altitude, I was sucking wind by the time I got up there. The views along the way were nice and from the top are spectacular! Worth the effort in my opinion.

This first map was my planned hiking route. The planned route was 14 miles round trip.
Planned Route
Planned Route








This Second map is the actual hiking route I took.                                          This route was 10.5 miles.





Here of some of the views you can expect to see when hiking the Lincoln National Forest

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