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Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin Sheep

We raise Katahdin sheep aka hair sheep. Unlike other breeds of sheep, Katahdin’s do not require shearing. They grow hair similar to deer. In the winter their coat is heavy and in the summer they shed off a layer or two.

Katahdin Sheep
Golda the Katahdin Sheep and her lamb

Our sheep are pasture raised. This means they are free to roam our farm. We do supplement their diet with cracked corn, sweet feed, and minerals. The primary purpose of the corn and sweet feed is so the sheep will come when they see us. It works quite well for that purpose.

We originally got in the sheep raising business because I was tired of mowing the pastures. We bought this farm in 2002 and moved here full time in 2004. After three years of mowing four hours – sometimes twice a week, I needed a better solution.

We visited the Heifer Ranch in Little Rock to get information about possibly raising goats. I saw a large group of them in one area and I asked “what kind of goats are those?” The nice guide looked at me and smiled. Then she said, “those goats are sheep.”

I knew I liked to eat lamb better than goat, and I thought they would require less fencing. That is how we got into the katahdin sheep business. Funny, now I can’t help but think of the sorcerers apprentice whenever I tell that story. Don’t get me wrong, raising katahdin sheep is a lot more enjoyable than riding a tractor four hours a couple times a week and I’d much rather spend money on cracked corn and sweet feed than gasoline and mower maintenance. These girls do require adult supervision though.

The grass is green here at Ten Mile Farm and Market because these girls are constantly fertilizing it. They keep it nice and short too, just like the greens on a golf course. It really is beautiful. And they are nice animals to have around. Although they can make quite a racket when I am late with that bucket of sheep crack!

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