Katahdin Ewes

Katahdin Photo Shoot

Katahdin Photo Shoot


I took these pictures May 1st, 2015 shortly after I received a call from a man who wants to purchase all of my adult Katahdin Ewes. I was planning on replenishing the herd with new Ewes this coming Fall so this is a blessing. These first pictures are of all the Ewes – if you look closely you will see that there is one lamb in there with them – that was the girl born a few weeks ago, not ready to be weaned yet.

So here are the girls enjoying some fresh grass on the 1st of May. If the sale goes through, we’ll replace them with four new girls from the Iron Star Ranch about 100 miles from Ten Mile.

In the next pasture over from the Ewes, we have all the lambs and their daddy the king of Rams, Andy. These next pictures are of the lambs, now almost three months old. Once the Ewes are picked up, we will separate the boys from the girls. The boys will stay in this pasture with Andy and the Girls will move to another pasture. For the rest of the summer, all of the sheep will rotate between pastures so they always have fresh green grass to graze upon.

Without further ado here are the 2015 crop of Katahdin lambs.

In case you can’t tell by the photographs, these animals are great at mowing and fertilizing. I wish there was a way to use them to provide a lawn service for people who want a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to have a green lawn. The problem is, they would eat all of the shrubs, flowers, and rose bushes too.

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