Prepping the garden

Prepping the Garden is a four-step process

The first two steps involve site selection and preparation. You want a site that is going to receive plenty sunlight and depending on where you live you may want protection from high winds. The spot we chose is located on the west side of our pond. Close proximity to water was important too.

We started with an uneven 15×20 fenced area

Once we had a site selected we needed to remove the fence


Then we marked out a new 20×40 space to accommodate our 3 planned 30 foot rows. We’ll have 48″ isles between each row and 5′ of space at each end.

For the heaving lifting, we brought in a backhoe and had the top 4 inches of soil removed. This should get rid of all the weed seeds. We also had the ground leveled.


Next step will be to hoe the 3 rows and install the watering system. In the meantime, we can get started with the seeds

Actually, ¬†creating the garden plan was the first step in prepping the garden. Here is the plan for the Garden. I’ll probably start a separate page for the garden once it is planted. But here’s the plan.

Garden Plan
Garden Plan

If you want to learn how to plan a garden that is right for you, I highly recommend the Mittleider Gardening Course. You can get that and other Mittleider supplies by clicking here

Take a look at what the garden looks like with the grow boxes in place by clicking here

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