Newzealand White Rabbits

Our Rabbits are Newzealand White rabbits

They are a friendly breed of rabbit and they breed…well they breed like rabbits. We have one buck and two does. The buck is named Hoppy and the Does are Lucy and Gracie.

They were born in July 2014 and are ready for their first breeding. We attempted introducing Lucy to Hoppy last week, but alas he was not able to figure out the logistics of his responsibility. We’ll wait a few weeks and give him another shot.

Lucy Gracie and Hoppy
Lucy Gracie and Hoppy

Raising rabbits is fun, but I have to warn you that they can really stink a place up. It’s not so much their poop – which is considered gardening gold by many people – but rather their urine. The urine has a very high level of ammonia and it can get smelly really fast. Also, rabbits, at least mine, don’t pee down. They raise their but and shoot a stream as much as 4 inches high.

For this reason, I do not recommend you keep rabbits indoors. When we first got our bunnies we kept them inside. I put absorbing pet pads in trays under their cages. Well, that was great for collecting the poo pellets, but they peed all over the place. I tried wrapping plastic sheeting around the bottom of the cage, but they pulled it in and chewed it up. I figured that couldn’t be good for the rabbits, so we moved them outside.

If you have questions about raising rabbits feel free to post a note in the rabbit category. There are some really good youtube videos out there about raising rabbits too. However, if you think you might want to raise rabbits I highly recommend Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits, 4th Edition you can get it by clicking the link or maybe at your local library.

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