Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd

Why an Anatolian Shepherd?

We selected an Anatolian Shepherd for our flock guard dog. Where we live there is an abundance of Coyotes and stray dogs. Neither of these is good news for a farm with  free-range pastured raised sheep and chickens. Having a good reliable guard animal is a must.

When we first started the farm, we had adopted two Donkeys for the role of guard animal. The idea was that they would provide fun for the kids as well as protection for the animals. The donkeys, although sufficient as guard animals have an annoying habit of braying exceptionally loudly at all hours of the day and night. Imagine a rooster with a megaphone.

Anatolian Shepherd replaced this donkey

The other problem we had with the donkeys was that they required shoeing quarterly, and it was much more expensive than we anticipated. I suppose I could have learned to become a farrier, but after watching them work, I decided I would rather drink a cold beer.

So, we gave the donkeys away to someone who would appreciate them and we got a Great Pyrenees to guard the Sheep. The Great Pyrenees are wonderful guard dogs and their bark is a deep baritone sound that echoes for miles. Unfortunately, she was not properly trained and when our ewes had their lambs, Sadie wouldn’t let the moms near their little ones.


Sadie the Great Pyrenees replaced by Anatolian Shepherd

We donated Sadie to a Pyrenees rescue.

Today, we bought a two-year-old Anatolian Shepherd to fulfill the duties of protector of the flocks. She was raised with goats and has a good temperament.  My daughter will give her a new name (the old owners called her “girl”)

I don’t think we’ll have a problem with Coyotes or stray dogs with this girl on duty.

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