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How to Make an Automatic Chicken Watering System

An Automatic Chicken Watering System

You Can Make

In an earlier post, I wrote about making a 5-gallon chicken watering system to provide clean water to your yard birds without having to fill it every day. Today I’m going to show you how to modify that system to make it so you will never have to manually fill it again.

Summer is here and with higher temperatures, my chickens have been drinking a lot more water. The 5-gallon system was sufficient in cooler weather, but now I am finding I have to refill it several times a week. With this modification, I won’t have to manually fill it again. I’ll probably take it down in September to give it a good cleaning, but other than that it should be maintenance free.

Automatic Chicken Watering System
Automatic Chicken Watering System Finished

To make this system, you will need a couple of tools and a couple of parts.


  • Electric drill
  • 7/8th inch drill bit
  • 1/2in or 3/4 in garden hose


Take the lid off the 5-gallon chicken watering system. If you haven’t made that yet – click here for my post on how to make one.

Automatic Chicken Watering System
5-gallon bucket with 7/8th hole ready for installation of the float

With the lid off, drill a 7/8th-inch hole in the side in line with the handle and far enough down to allow the float valve to open and close the valve.



Use Teflon plumber’s tape to secure all of the threads on the float valve, hose adapter, and hose. If you don’t do this, you will have a leak.

Automatic Chicken Watering System
Float Valve installed

Position the float so that when the water level is up the valve shuts off. This will keep about 4 gallons of water in your 5 gallon bucket at all times.



Replace the lid and you are ready to hang the bucket in your coup or in a shady spot if you free range your chickens.

Automatic Chicken Watering System
Hose Connection

Attach the hose and turn on the water. If you have a long hose from the house or well, you may want to bury it to prevent the water from getting too hot while it is sitting in the hose.

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