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Baby Lambs

The arrival of baby lambs means it must be Spring

Over the last few days, we have been blessed with the arrival of several baby lambs. Two sets of twins and two singles. As I posted the other day, Golda gave us a nice healthy set of twins, one boy and one girl.

Spring Lambs
Golda’s Baby Lambs

The next day we had a delivery from Gertrude. She delivered a nice healthy baby lamb on the berm of the pond. There was a scary moment when the baby rolled down the berm into the pond, fortunately, Hilary was there to rescue the little one and dry it off.

2016-02-21 08.52.56Then Blacky had her twins, literally a few hours after Claire lured her into her temporary housing area. The tarp is to keep their food dry and provide shade. The “A” frame is where they sleep.


This mom, had her baby yesterday, 2-23-2016, also. She is a first-time mother and is doing a fantastic job with her little one. It never ceases to amaze me when I watch how these beautiful animals instinctively know how to care for their babies.

Baby Lamb
First Time Mom and Baby Lamb

Here’s a group shot of the rest of the Ewes. I suspect they will be delivering their baby lambs any day now. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

Ewes Ready to delivery Baby Lambs
Expectant Mothers

Curious about how to build expedient farm shelters? Check out this free resource for ideas. These are for people, but farm animals like them too:

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