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Yellow Cucumber Weighs in at 1 Pound

Yellow Cucumber and Giant Zucchini

This morning I was in the garden doing some pruning when I found this giant yellow cucumber. It weighed 16 ounces and, as you can see, looked more like a small squash then a cucumber. I was curious about why it might be yellow, so I went to the great “google” and asked. What I discovered will blow your mind.

Yellow Cucumber
Yellow Cucumber

Not really. I’ve just been seeing a lot of headlines that say stuff like “He opened the door and what happened next will… (a) make your jaw drop (b) blow your mind (c) make you cry like a baby (d) some other outrageous exaggeration of an emotional response.

Seriously though, what I read was that a yellow cucumber

(a) has been left on the vine too long
(b) was planted next to squash
(c) could be the variety of cucumber

So, the article that said that yellow meant it had been on the vine too long mentioned that they would be bitter. I cut this cucumber open and it looked fine to me. So I sliced it up and put a little salt on it and ate it up. It was nice and tasty crisp and delicious. Because of this I am ruling out (a).

yellow cucumber
inside the yellow cucumber

I do have the cucumber planted in the same row as the zucchini, so if cross pollination is between cucumber and zucchini is possible that could be taking place. However, zucchini are green and the yellow squash are planted about five feet away. Five feet isn’t really too far for a bee to cross-pollinate -so (b) is a possibility.

The third possibility is variety. There is a variety of Chinese cucumber that grows yellow. It is called “Chinese Yellow Cucumber.” I know I didn’t buy yellow cucumber seeds, however, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t receive yellow cucumber seeds mislabeled. Below is a picture of one of my other cucumbers from the same plant and the Chinese Yellow Cucumber from rareseeds.com. They sure do look similar to me. Given the taste and the comparison between mine and the Chinese Yellow Cucumber, I am pretty sure I received seeds that were mislabeled

yellow Cucumber
Young Yellow Cucumber from my garden
Yellow Cucumber
Rare Seeds Chinese Cucumber













Oh, almost forgot about my zucchini. This bad boy weighed in at 19 ounces. I haven’t eaten it yet, so I can’t attest to the flavor, but I’m confident it will be delicious. I’ll eat it tomorrow night and update this report then.

Yellow Cucumber
Giant Zucchini

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